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Three-Part Closure: Everything You Should Know About It

Closures are a must-have item for every woman. If you have a human weave or wig, you must use closures to portrayed naturality. Even if you are getting extensions made from synthetic fibers, a closure made of synthetic fiber will still come in handy. The reason is that these hairpieces are meant to serve the same function of making the installation look real whether the strands are manufactured or real.

Other than making an installation look real, they also help to cover all of your natural hair. When it is completely covered, the natural elements such as extreme sunshine and air pollution among other factors will not damage it. It will remain healthy and strong even as it keeps growing beneath the extensions.

What are closures?

It is a hairpiece that is made from synthetic or human hair strands. It can be between three and five inches wide, and it seats on the crown of the head. Typically, manufacturers ventilate strands or synthetic fiber on a base material and tie a knot to secure them on the base material. The base material is usually silk or lace. These are the two materials that are perfect at imitating the scalp. When you tie the strands on the silk or lace, it creates an impression that the strands are growing out of the scalp.

Types of Closures

There are different types of closures on the market, and they are all unique and excellent. They have characteristics that make them unique and diverse so that every woman can have whatever they desire. Their diversity gives us more options to explore every time we want to change our looks and try new looks. The different types of closures we have include the free part, middle part, and the three-part closures.

From the names, you can tell that the designs of the closure are what make them different. The ‘part’ is what makes them different. A ‘part’ is that ‘line’ that is formed when strands are divided into portions so that they fall on different sides.

The Free Part

This product comes without any ‘hard’ parts, and therefore you can choose to part it wherever you want. It is an excellent choice because it gives you the freedom to wear your hair in any style. If you do not love parts on your hair, you have the alternative of brushing everything backward. This advantage is what makes many people opt for the free part over the other two types.

The Middle part

As the name implies, the part is always located in the middle of the lace or silk closure. It comes pre-parted, and you cannot change where this part is located. It is simple to maintain and to keep up with style. The downside is that you can never play around with the look as you wish. It is rigid.

The Three-Part

The three-part closure is our focus today. This product contains three parts. There is one on the side, one in the middle, and one on the other side. Because of the different parts, the item is becoming an excellent choice for a lot of women.

This closure offers one the chance to try out different styles and looks. You can wear a side part on the right or the left. You can also choose to go with a middle part on other days. The flexibility is outstanding. A new trend is also catching up quickly. Women make two cornrows that run from the front to three-quarter length of the closure. It is a chic, edgy, and fun look.

Installing a three-part closure

Installing this product is not something that should give you a headache or a tough time. But an accurate hand is a must. You cannot go wrong with the installation.

  1. Preparing the closure

You can do this the day before the installation to get the work out of the way or the same day as the installation. The reason is that this first process revolves around bleaching the knots. Bleaching makes it easier to blend with your skin tone. If you are not a fan, you can use concealer or foundation for blending.

  1. Secure your natural hair

Braid it down by making cornrows. They do not have to be extra neat if you are doing it by yourself. Afterward, you can sew-in a weaving net.

  1. Install the closure

Some people sew-in the extensions around the head and leave a u-shaped area at the crown of the head. They then install the product here afterward. However, we recommend starting with the closure. The reason is that it gives you flexibility and an excellent work area for you to use. Proceed to sew-in or glue the lace closure then sew-in the other areas. Also, the sew-in installation provides more security.

  1. Customization and styling

When everything is done, cut the excess lace that comes with the hairpiece. Let the cut be fluid to eliminate any rough and uneven edges. Flip the closure, take your adhesive and apply to the area where the edge of the closure will lay on your forehead. Unflip it and press it gently on the skin until it is nicely secured in place. Brush and style as you desire.

Advantages and disadvantages of the three-part closure


Flexibility: this piece is very flexible when it comes to styling it. There not so many restrictions as compared to the other two types. You can switch styles with simplicity and speed, and there are so many styles to try.

Easy to style: since it is pre-parted, you will have a very smooth time styling it, and you will never struggle to keep up with style. The parts will never fade, and you can identify them within seconds.

The hair can fall on any side: training the strands to fall on a particular side with a free part product is hectic. The middle part is too rigid with how the strands fall. The strands on one side cannot flow to the other side flawlessly. However, the three-part is different. The strands can comfortably and liquidly flow on any side you choose. The side parts are responsible for this.


Its installation does not allow mistakes: this gives stylists a hard time installing especially if they are not used to it. If you are not accurate when installing it, the entire hairdo will look terr7ble. People will be able to tell that something went wrong.

Covering the parts is impossible: you can never cover the parts that you do not want people to see them when styling. Regardless of what you do, they remain visible.

They are unnatural: no one has a hard part on their hair that is natural. Therefore, the closure gives you an unrealistic look.

The Do’s and Don’ts When Caring for Your Closure

The Do’s

Always be gentle when combing or brushing your closures. Use the recommended comb to comb it so that you do not damage it and cause shedding of strands. Always start from the ends as you head to the roots. As you groom it, hold the roots with your other hand. You will prevent shedding.

Your shampoo and conditioner have to be organic to protect the strands. Do not use products that are harsh and full of sulfates and similar products. Organic shampoo and conditioner are healthier and mild.

Always moisturize and deep condition your human hair closure. Deep conditioning will help in replenishing the cuticles. It will restore and repair cuticles as well as make them softer and shiner.

Reinforce the strands on the closure before installation so that they do not shed off. Take a weft sealant and apply on the base of the closure: the lace. Use minimum amounts and ensure that all knots are covered with the sealant. Let it dry.

Wrap your head with a scarf made of silk so that the strands do not rub against each other as you toss and turn while sleeping. When they rub together, they will tangle. Trying to untangle them may cause shedding.

The Don’ts

Avoid constant combing and brushing because the strands will become loose and shed off

When you wash it, use a towel to blot it then leave it to air-dry. This method is safer and ensures it lasts longer.

Do not use a lot of force when untangling the strands. You will break the strands and even worse, cause them to shed.

Do not use a lot of heat because it will damage it. Also, don’t get too close to the base because the material may be destroyed.

Which one should you choose?

The choice you make will significantly be impacted by how you want to look, the naturality levels, your styling desires, and preference.

As seen, the three types of closures have different levels of naturality with the free part being the most natural. The reason is that no one is born with a pre-parted hair and grows with it let alone three parts. We have also seen that the styling flexibility varies across the three. Therefore, you need to decide what your needs are before you settle on any of the closures. The decision is personal, but regardless of choice, you will look incredible.

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