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8 Easy and Stylish Must Try Top Knot Hairstyles

If not ponytails, top knot buns are every woman’s go-to hairstyle. It is very stylish and comfortable at the same time! If you have very long hair and you hate having it messed up all over your face, tying it into a quick top knot bun becomes your easy escape. In addition to this, flaunting a top knot bun looks way better when your hair is at its second or third day because of volume. It also adds to the ‘effortlessly chic’ look that is super trendy these days.

Regardless of whatever your hair type is, the top knot bun style should definitely suit you. The great thing about this hairdo is that it is universally flattering and therefore you do not have to worry on whether you have short, long, thin, thick, straight or curly hair – it will work! All you need to do is perfect it according to how you would like to style it.

We all know how the classic top knot bun looks like, but in this article post, we will go through its different variations. Yes, the top knot bun has a lot of different stylish versions that will surely land to your personal favorites list! If you want to know what these styles are, as well as how to do them the easy way, then keep on reading.

Braided Half Top Knot

This beautifully braided half top knot only takes less than five minutes to complete. Not only that, it is pretty unique and festive on its own! It is something you can easily wear when you are heading to a music festival or a quick lunch date with your girlfriends – no fuss and frills! You can definitely sport this top knot style even if you have short hair.

To do this, just take a small section of it, from the crown and braid it. Gather two more sections that are way smaller than the center section and braid both of them as well. The remaining hair from the braids, together with another section of it from the base is where the bun will be formed. Secure it with a clear elastic band.

Messy Half-Up Top Knot

The beauty of channeling messy top knots is that you don’t have to be too careful just to make it look perfect. As for this look, you only have to work on the section of hair on your crown area. Prior to gathering it on your crown, you would want to tease it a bit so that it will create more volume. That way, your top knot will look fuller and bigger. Now wrap that half ponytail up into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Gently pull random pieces of hair from the bun to give it more structure and to also add to its messy vibe. Getting the messy half-up top knot won’t even take you a minute!

Poufy Top Knot with Subtle Side Frames

This is one of the most popular types of top knot buns because of how comfy, stylish and youthful it is. It’s a top knot style that even girls with very fine hair can easily achieve. All you need to know is the proper tricks to build up the subtle volume to your hair and you don’t even need to load up on a lot of products for this one! You can use extensions to get your desired volume or you can also slightly tease your hair. Another key to this look is to have random strands of air hanging on the sides of your face for framing. You can also have these strands curled for more drama!

Voluminous Top Knot with Full Bangs

This is basically similar to the poufy topknot style. The only difference is that instead of side frames of hair, this look features full bangs. This is also an ideal style for ladies who are not so fond of exposing their forehead, which is something that usually happens when you sport a top knot bun. To achieve this look, you also have to build up the volume on your hair by either clipping in additional extensions or by gently teasing it. Tie it into a high ponytail and twist it. Make sure you leave your bangs properly brushed and do not include it with the ponytail. After this, wrap it around to form a neat bun on the top of your head. Secure it with a hair elastic and voila, you’re done!

Sleek and Sophisticated Top Knot Bun

This is a sophisticated hairdo that we usually get a sight of from the Hollywood red carpet. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have exquisitely flaunted this cut and while it may seem like you need a celebrity hairstylist for this, it’s actually not as difficult as how you think it is! Its very sleek and polished look is a very classy way to give full emphasis to your facial features. If you don’t wish your hair to draw too much attention away from your face, this sleek top knot bun should do the job for you. It’s a perfect way to show off your glam makeup and accessories too! For this look, you will be needing a smoothing mousse and a fine comb to slick your hair tightly into a neat top knot bun.

Reverse French Braid Top Knot

If you can’t get enough of how beautiful and timeless braids are, here’s another fancy way to sport a French braid along with your top knot bun. As what the name itself suggests, this look will involve a French braid that you will do in a reverse manner. Instead of starting to braid at the top of your crown, you will be braiding from underneath the top knot bun you are about to make. To get this look, you have to flip your hair upside down and start braiding from it at the nape of your neck. Work your way towards the crown then secure it with a hair elastic. From there, you will be shaping the bun using a round chignon tool. Pin it in place and tug random strands from the braid to make it look more voluminous.

Pin-up Inspired Top Knot Bun with Satin Headband

Flaunting a top knot bun lets you explore your choices of accessories. You can amplify this classic simple hairstyle by accessorizing it with a nice satin headband. You can choose to wear it as a headband or as a wrap around the bun itself. To achieve this look, you basically just have to follow the same steps as to how you would make a voluminous top knot. For the headband, you can also use a satin scarf or tie as an alternative! This is a great look to sport during the summer season.

Chic Bow Top Knot

This iconic hair bow top knot has been immensely influenced by the Japanese ‘Gyaru’ culture and has been later popularized by music stars like Lady Gaga. This unique hairstyle is perfect for those who would love to try something different. This will absolutely doll you up for your special occasions and party nights! To achieve this, begin by tying your hair up into a high ponytail. Create a bun and spread it out to create a half circle. Split it into half and loop the remaining hair from the ponytail in the middle to create the ribbon. Secure it with pins and you’re done!

Bejeweled Poufy Top Knot

This hairdo is very versatile as you can choose to make it neat and structured or messy and textured. Again, this is basically having your hair into a high bun just as how you would do your classic poufy hair. The highlight of this look would be the bejeweled accessory that will secure the bun in place. This will make a great hairdo for formal events too!

Now that wraps our list of stylish top knot hairstyles up. Just let your imagination run wild and let your creativity take over! This will surely make your classic top knot bun more stylish than ever!