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8 Main Types of Hair Extensions

The hair industry has come a long way in revolutionizing the way women feel about extensions. For a long time, women had additions that gave them length and volume. However, they denied them the chance to look as though they are all natural. But as the industry grew and new manufacturing methods came up, women were able to get everything they desired: naturality.

While every woman is not new to additions, most of them are not well conversant with them. There is a lot of information that women need to know about these products so that can be more enlightened. From the information, they can choose the perfect fit for their day to day looks.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are different types of additions that women use. They can be categorized based on the construction and based on their installation method.

According to their construction

This method of categorization generally revolves around whether real human hair strands were used or synthetic fiber.

Synthetic extensions

Synthetic fiber is gotten from plastic materials. Because of how thin they are and the processes that the fibers go through, they can act as real hair strands. When the synthetic extensions are developed using high-quality technology, you may be convinced that they are as real as it gets. Without being told, you may never notice they are fake.

Human hair extensions

These are the most popular type we have today. Strands are collected from different people from different parts of the world. That is why we have different types such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, Peruvian, and so on. Because the strands are real, it makes this product the one with the highest quality and price among the two. It has all the natural characteristics and with better advantages. The characteristics include smoothness, natural shine, the presence of cuticles that prevents tangling, and more.

According to Installation

Extensions can be installed in so many ways. Each way is unique and has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are more permanent than the others. As we delve deeper into each type of extension, you will get a better understanding on which type suits you best. The installation methods include tape-in, sew-in, clip-in, bonding, and micro link.


This method is by far the most common method and a prevalent choice for a lot of women. The stylist uses a thread and needle to install the weave. If your hair is coarse, thick, or curly, this method is perfect for you.weaves are always machine wefted, and they have excellent tracks for easy sewing. In this method, you begin by braiding down your natural hair to get them out of the way. Other than that, it also creates a perfect base for sewing. Take your weave and start to sew it. Attach the weave horizontally on your braided hair. Pass the needle below the tracks to prevent shedding.

The sew-in method is excellent because it gives more security to the extensions on your head. You will not worry about it falling off when pulled with force. Also, the method lasts longer. They only come off when you undo them.


Clip-ins are the easiest and fastest extensions to use. They have been there since time immemorial and have proved their worth in the industry. You will only need one lesson, and you are good to go. Typically, you will have machine wefts that hold together the strands forming tracks just like with weaves. The tracks have clips that are attached to it. It is these clips that attach the hair to yours.

Take a comb and part your hair at the place where you want to position your clip-ins. Ensure it is a place that people cannot see. Typically, the clip-ins have tiny comb that attached to the scalp the same way a real comb does. Attach the clip-ins as if you are combing your hair. This method allows you to leave your natural hair out.

The advantage of this type of extension is that you can wear them and remove them within minutes. They are not time-consuming and therefore very convenient. However, temporary and you can use them for a brief time.

According to the bonding

Fusion is a great type when you want to leave your natural hair out but to have a more permanent installation. They are also famously known as fusion extensions. Under this type of extensions, we have I-tips and U-tips. They are both different and unique based on their installation. They last a very long time after installations. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for five months or more. Here are more details about the two.


The I-tip extension needs professionals to install them. They feature a process where they are attached to your natural hair using laced beads which do not slip off easily. This method does not need any heat, chemicals or adhesive to get the strands attached. The end product is always natural and flawless. You can style your hair in any way you want, and it will look fabulous. The laced beads are the same color as the color of your roots. The quantity of additions attached is the same as that o your natural hair. This gives you a natural and perfectly balanced look


U-tips are also an excellent choice. What makes them different from the I-tip is that the tips feature keratin and their application requires heat. A heating iron is used for the installation. Therefore, this type can only be installed by professionals as well.

Micro Link

Micro link extensions are more technical, and you will need your pliers around. The strands are grouped into small individual parts and are attached to your natural hair. The micro links are typically a type of loop. A few strands of your hair will go through the loop then the strands of the additions will go through the next loop. As the strands go through the micro link, use your pliers to clamp it down so that it can be tightly secured in place.

The method of installation is time-consuming, and the stylist must be well trained. However, the results make everything worth it. The seamless blending is fantastic. You will have the chance to take care of it using your daily maintenance procedures. Other than that, the method is more permanent.


Tape-ins are also relatively famous in the industry. The wefts of this type of hair contain a strip of tape. The tape is placed at the roots, and they are easy to install and remove whenever you wish. Typically, your natural hair is positioned between two strips. The strips are then glued together to seal the strands i. The result is a seamless blend of the two that it becomes hard to tell them apart. Because of the ease of installation, you can easily install them by yourself and be on your way out.

The advantage of this type of extension is that they are perfect for a busy schedule. You will not waste any time trying to install them because the process is fast. The adhesive makes them last a relatively long period. However, to make them last longer, you need to use products that will not jeopardize the adhesion of the strands to the tape. If not, they will start to shed off. Tape-ins are a relatively safe method for you.

Which extension is the best for you?

All of these extensions are perfect for different kinds of people. Everyone has something that they prefer. For instance, as you have seen, sew-ins ensure that your natural strands are hidden, and the extension is attached to the cornrows that you make. The other types do not hide anything. Therefore, for one person, protecting their natural hair is what they want to do at the end of the day. For another person, they do not want to do this. Therefore, the choice will come down to what one prefers.

Other than preference, convenience is also something that you should consider. All of them are convenient. But if you want something temporary and easy to fix and remove, clip-ins are perfect for you. Attaching additions using clips is as easy and convenient as it gets when you want to change things but for a short time.

The time it takes for installation and how long they last is also something to consider. Sew-ins do not take a lot of time as compared to micro links. Even so, the micro links will tend to last longer. The reason is that you will need to undo your weave so that your natural hair can breathe and be refreshed. Micro links do not cover any natural strands.

Final thoughts

Other factors will influence your choice of extension. However, they will give you better length and better volume. Every woman has different needs, and manufacturers have gone a long way to ensuring that their products cater to the diverse needs. Therefore, as you search for your perfect hair extension, you can be sure that there is something for you as well.