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Human Hair: The Perfect Types of Weave For You

The hair market never lacks good items. As it stands, there are so many weaves and extensions that differ in quality and features.

All of this makes it difficult for women to make a choice. Many of them are constantly wondering which virgin hair weave is the perfect fit with very little knowledge about what makes a particular product stand out.

Even so, we are going to look at some of the best virgin weaves that we have in the market. We will check their features at length so that you can be well informed when you finally make a decision.

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What is hair weave?

Typically, a hair weave is an extension that is added to your natural hair to increase its length or volume. The process is rather straightforward: the weave is woven by using different methods, and the ultimate goal is for it to look as real and natural as possible. We have different types of weaves such as those made from human, animal, satin, and synthetic fabric. Weaving can be lots of fun and can freshen your style. 

Even so, the increasing usage and preference of human hair are impressive. Everyone is on a lookout for items that are perfect for them because they are more natural. There are 2 main types of weaves - virgin hair weave and the Remy weave.

Virgin hair

For this type of weave, the cuticles go towards the same direction, and it is in its natural states. The item has no chemicals and comes from different races. Virgin hair is more expensive as compared to others because they are rare and they take time to grow.


This type also has the cuticles going in the same direction. The main difference is in chemicals used for it. They are either used for perming or dying it.

Whether virgin or Remy, one thing is for sure, human hair weaves are going to make you look like a real queen. 

There are five main types of human weaves that women can buy, but four of these them are the most popular and relatively easily available. These items come in different textures, color, and a few other variables. The five types include Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Mongolian.


Brazilian is one of the most popular and sought-after human weaves in the entire world. They have the perfect length, are very attractive, and they go a long way to give you the perfect and natural look. This weave blends excellently well with all kinds of women regardless of their races. Whether Caucasian or black, this hair will be perfect for you.

The texture of the Brazilian human hair weave is very soft and very luxurious. Running your fingers through the strands feels magical. The natural shine of the Brazilian human hair weave is yet another factor that draws a lot of women to it.

Brazilian products also have a reputation of having medium luster and an excellent natural density. This makes it perfect for everyone who admires a fuller head. The thickness is excellent and satisfying. You will not require a lot of bundles to get the look you want.

The hair has a full body look and can hold curls for longer periods as compared to Indian and Malaysian. It can also be more resistant to humidity as compared to Indian items. This makes it perfect for areas that are humid because it will not frizz up because of moisture.


Malaysian human hair weave is attracting a lot of attention and is steadily becoming a top choice for a lot of celebrities. Blame it on that fact that it is luxurious and sleek; a look that every star wants to have. It is a good reflection of their stature in society. That aside, part of the reason why it is outstanding is that it has impeccable luster and shine just like the Brazilian hair. This shine is irresistibly attractive and shows a healthier look.

Malaysian is the perfect choice for everyone that loves curly and wavy styles. It is known to holds curls and waves excellently well. You will not need to use any hair products to boost its abilities.

Malaysian products are soft and silky. Therefore, you can bet that it is easier to maintain. It is soft to the touch and cannot compare to Indian hair in its silkiness and softness. Malaysian is also excellent because it is thicker and heavier as compared to the Indian unit. Because of the thickness, you will also use fewer bundles to get a fuller look. Malaysian hair is perfect for women from all kinds of races as well.

When it comes to styling, you will also have a very easy and smooth time. The curls will hold for a very long time as well. They will last an entire day without dropping, and you will not need any hair products to ensure that this is a reality. It will maintain the shape and give you an excellently neat look all day long.


One thing that stands out for the Peruvian hair is that it is a multipurpose and a very versatile choice. The product is not sourced easily because virgin Peruvian hair is very rare to find. This is a great contributing factor to the high prices related to Peruvian units.

Peruvian is known to be the thickest and gorgeously dark hair in the market. Therefore, you will need fewer bundles as compared to some other human hair. You will have an excellent and full body look that is impressive.

Peruvian weave is also known to be coarse when compared to Malaysian and Brazilian. Therefore, if you have a preference for silky smooth, then look for an alternative. However, it is not unmanageably course. These pairs beautifully with all kinds of hair.

Peruvian hair is also light and luxurious. It gives you an excellent feel, and the light nature makes it more flexible and convenient. You will not have the feeling of having a ‘heaviness’ or unnecessary weight on yourself. The lightness gives you a lot of things to do with the hair.

You can get the Peruvian that is straight, wavy, or curly. It is also thick, and you will, therefore, require fewer bundles as well. The Peruvian weave is also perfect for women of all races. Its versatility is outstanding, and you can change its look whenever you feel like doing it. There are no risks of damaging the hair too much. This is spectacular, and other human weaves do not compare.


Indian is also one of the most popular weaves in the entire world just like the Brazilian items. It is preferred by many women because of the excellent length that it has. Typically, Indian women shave their long, gorgeous and lustrous hair for religious purposes. That is why they can be gotten a lot easier.

Indian weaves are naturally silky, and this makes them very versatile. Styling this hair is very easy and fun. The products can be straight, curly, have deep waves, natural waves, body waves, and deep waves. It all depends on the texture preference that you have.

Indian hair weaves are known to be very bouncy and airy. This is a perfect character as it ensures that the cool breeze can easily get to your scalp and refresh you. Other than the silky textures, there are also those that are coarse.

A lot of women prefer Indian because the texture and color variations blend easily with many people’s color and texture. That is why it is a top position contender for the best weaves we have in the world. Women from all ethnic groups find Indian to be an excellent choice. The African American women that have relaxed their hair love this choice.


This is the fifth weave type that we have. As mentioned earlier, this type is very rare to find, and that is why it is not so famous. The human hair is a cross between Chinese and Malaysian.

Mongolian weave is less course than Chinese, and it is shiny. The natural shine gives it an attractive and perfect glow. The hair is slightly wavy. It is gorgeous and thick. It is also an excellent choice when available.


This question is one that no one can answer for you. Each human hair weave type has special features that make it unique. Therefore, it will all come down to what you prefer. Whether its plain, common weave or perhaps one with an intricate design, it is up to you to choose. Nevertheless, with such a wide variety of materials and styles, you will definitely find something that will suit you. 

Do you want the bouncy and light Indian hair weave? Do you want the cross between Chinese and Malaysian? Do you want the thick and medium luster Brazilian? Do you want the multipurpose and versatile Peruvian? Or the gorgeous Malaysian?

The choice is yours to make.