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Unprocessed vs. Processed Brazilian Hair

Brazilian wigs and hair extensions are simply amazing! There are lots of things to look for when buying one of these products. First and foremost, they allow you to experiment without ever endangering your natural hair. That in itself is a big win.

While most Brazilian products are of high-quality, there are lots of variations to them. For example, some of the weaves and extensions will be made of unprocessed while others will be made out of processed hair.

Now, you might think they are the same but this is far from the truth. Unprocessed and processed hair has numerous differences which we will analyze in this article. Read on!

What is considered as processed hair?

As you might presume, processed hair is an item (or natural hair) that was treated with various chemicals. Basically, if you’re a type of person that loves various hair treatments, your hair will be subjected to various substances.

However, although the term “processed” may sound a bit scary, it doesn’t have to be so. As soon as you have some hair-altering treatment, hair is instantly regarded as processed. This includes even dyeing which isn’t that harmful.

The things are a bit different when it comes to Brazilian hair that is sold online. In this case, processed refers to chemical processes that altered its appearance. While in theory, these are the same, there are small differences in practice. For example, manufacturers will process Brazilin hair so they get a certain appearance or to strip its cuticles. The main reason why you would do this to a Brazilian hair is so you can have a certain style. Furthermore, the procedures performed on Brazilian hair are usually more severe than those we perform on our own natural hair.

Why would you then buy processed hair?

If you’re an inexperienced shopper, this previous paragraph will probably deter you from buying processed Brazilian hair. But there are some clear advantages to this product.

First, the processed hair doesn’t have any cuticles. As a result, you can alter it in any way you want. In fact, most manufacturers will alter it prior to selling it on the market. But you can also continue changing it afterward. This type of hair is coated in silicone which gives it additional shine.

But, we also have to consider the main issue of processed hair and that is reduced life span. In a nutshell, people who like to experiment with their hair are more likely to buy this product. While it doesn’t last as much as unprocessed hair, it does give you some additional styling options.

What do I have to know about unprocessed hair?

Unlike processed hair, unprocessed has all its cuticles. It hasn’t been altered by chemicals which is why its predicted life span is much longer. Another thing that makes it so great is the fact that all follicles were from one and the same donor. This is very important as it allows more consistency and ultimately, it is the same hair without any mixtures.

Unprocessed hair is less susceptible to tangling. Experts also call it “Remy” hair.

Logically, this type of hair will be much more expensive in comparison.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of unprocessed hair?

We already mentioned some main advantages and disadvantages of this product but let’s go into it a bit deeper.

  • Dyeing is much easier with unprocessed hair due to its natural appearance. Processed Brazilian hair usually relies on some rare colors which are hard to find. When you buy unprocessed hair, it has a natural appearance and it is much easier to find dyes. Application of color is also much easier and straightforward.
  • As we previously mentioned, the unprocessed hair lasts for a much longer period of time. But there is much more to it. During its life, it will be of much better quality as it is less likely to tangle and mat. Unprocessed hair is very soft and you can brush it more easily after washing.
  • The cost difference is significant but the benefits shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, unprocessed Brazilian hair is often a much better purchase than processed Brazilian hair as it will last way longer and will remain in better shape for most of its duration.
  • While dyeing is much easier with unprocessed hair, in general, processed hair is much better for playing around. It is much cheaper which means it isn’t much of a waste if you ruin it. Furthermore, given that it's already affected by chemicals, you won’t have to be as cautious.
  • Lastly, we have to mention that unprocessed Brazilian hair simply looks more natural. Hair extensions, weaves, wigs; everything will look better on you. Furthermore, they are a much better fit for special occasions when you want to look your best
  • Buying unprocessed hair as your first Brazilian hair purchase is not always ideal. While these pieces are really good, it is a steep investment. Some women simply don't like this new look so they should instead try to find the cheapest alternative. If you’re certain Brazilian wigs and weaves are the thing for you, then just go ahead and get the best item possible!
  • Unprocessed virgin hair is harder to source. It is usually taken from young donors who never did anything with their hair. This is one of the main reasons for its price. At the same time, this also means that the natural qualities of such hair will still be present.
  • In terms of matching with your natural hair, it is always easier to go with unprocessed.
  • One of the more notable things about processed hair is the wide assortment of products on the market. They come in various styles, textures, and colors so it is really fun to choose a new product. This also means that you will find basically anything you want.

What should I choose?

Choosing your first Brazilian hair can be quite a task. As previously mentioned, you probably don’t want to invest too much into it until you’re certain that it’s the right thing for you. On the other hand, buying a cheap item can leave a bad taste in your mouth forever preventing you from buying another.

Like with the type of Brazilian hair, this choice comes down to your personal preferences. Style, lifestyle, budget all play a role when it comes to what you’re going to buy.

No matter what, make sure to perform thorough research before committing. There are a lot of different sites out there offering all sorts of products. Make sure to buy from a reputable source! Hopefully, this post will help you do just that!