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4 Updos for Wedding Every Bride Must Remember

It is only natural for a bride to make sure everything goes perfectly on her wedding day. As a matter of fact, some even allow a hefty amount of budget to things like the gown, makeup, and hair!

True enough, there’s no way that a bride would settle for an unflattering hairstyle for her big day. Well, prepping your hair prior to the wedding shouldn’t always involve fancy salons and luxurious hair spa treatments. All you need is proper preparation.

There are many factors to think about when it comes to planning the bridal hairstyle that you want. It needs to complement your face shape and even the neckline of your chosen gown! Not being able to see through all these options may compromise your look, so it is always important to do your research. If you are currently preparing for your big day, you may want to take a quick look at these useful bridal tips. These romantic ideas and wedding hairstyles are something that all brides should know! Plan your perfect party with these ideas as it will be the most beautiful day of your life!

  1. Plan your overall options

When choosing the right hairstyle to wear on your wedding day, several factors need to come to play. This includes the design of your dress, the length and volume of your hair, and even the weather on your wedding day!

For the dress, remember that different designs go well with different styles. For instance, if you are wearing a strapless gown and you want to show less skin, wearing a half-up half down style will suit you best. Also, you do not want to wear a hairstyle that’s overwhelmingly dramatic because that will drag the possibility of getting all the attention solely to your hair. On the other hand, you can also look at the neckline of the dress. If you feel like your shoulders and décolletage are some of your best assets, don’t let your hair cover them up! You can opt for classy wedding updos for this particular style.

If you have shorter tresses, don’t worry about your choices being too limited. You still have sets of great options! As you research further, you will definitely find hairstyles that can look flattering on your short hair. You may style it easily with soft waves or use elegant pins to style it. Moreover, if you’re not too comfortable with working on your short hair (and you’re just left with no choice), then why not consider extensions? You can just clip them on and go!

The weather should also be greatly considered because it can truly affect how long your hairstyle is going to hold. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, keep in mind that there’s a possibility that you’d have to combat with sweat and humidity. In such case, your hair may be horribly weighed down. As a practical option, you may want to go for a nice, elegant bun or a voluminous crown updo. Such hairstyles would eliminate the possibility of getting your strands to hang loose.

  1. Do a test-run day prior to your wedding day

It’s easy to fall in love with the fancy hairstyles you see in your favorite fashion magazines. However, since hairdos are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ thing, then having a certain style suit one model does not mean that it’ll look just as flattering on you. Remember, some styles flatter specific shapes of the face as compared to others. This is why it’s quite ideal to try the hairstyle of your choice first, days before the wedding.

Get your stylist to create the look on you or do it yourself. Once you are done with the test-run, analyze how it looks on you. Does it flatter you? Does it accentuate your best features? How simple or complex is it to achieve? When you are sure of everything, you can then settle for it without worries! Additionally, trying the style helps you to pinpoint all the factors that will not work for you. This is the time to iron things out or probably go for another option.

  1. Decide who will do your hair

This is a critical choice for a bride because whether you choose to have someone else to do it or not, each may drag certain worries with it. Choosing a professional hairstylist may add to the cost of the wedding. On the other hand, you may end up messing it up if you choose to do it yourself, without proper training.

Most women know how to make simple hairstyles for their day-to-day lives. However, such a huge and solemn event like a wedding requires more work. If you cannot go beyond a messy ponytail, it’s recommended that you allow a certain budget for a professional stylist. But, if you are confident with your skills of creating elegant, stylish, and sophisticated styles, then you can handle yourself. You can also ask someone to assist you, just in case!

If you are not seasoned at styling yourself, you can watch some tutorials on YouTube to help you sharpen your skills. There is so much to learn, and the amazing thing is that the styles are not as challenging as you may think.

  1. Avoid the scissors

If you ever need to trim your ends, do this ahead of time. There are so many things that can go wrong if you decide to trim your strands the day before the ceremony. Trimming off a few inches may end with a result that you don’t like at all. Never take this risk, especially a few days before your wedding. Hair does not grow three inches overnight!

If instances occur, in which you are forced to trim it, always be ready with some extensions just in case something goes wrong. You can easily install them and have the length that is much better than what you hoped for.

These are the tips and tricks that every woman needs to know before the wedding day! Your chosen hairstyle will surely make a huge impact on your overall look, so relax, plan and take your time. The tips and tricks listed above will save you a lot of trouble and help you get the best look.

Weddings are a real beauty; all these modern, pretty accessories, classic dresses, and gorgeous flowers will bring inspiration to your heart making one of the top days of your life!