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5 Simple Updos for Women with Short and Medium Hair

A lot of women gush over long hair lengths while the others just keep their style preferences between shorter and medium lengths. But if you’re getting a bit tired of your long hair and want to give shorter hairstyles a shot, there is a vast selection of simple and trendy styles that you can try.

In this article, we are going to unravel five chic and edgy styles for short and medium hair lengths and get your hair glammed up all throughout spring. If you wish to venture into different sorts of hairstyles and grace each day with a stunning look, this guide will help you out. Check out these best, easy ideas and tips for medium length hair and short length hair. 

  1. The Low Messy Bun With a Loop

This first style is something you can just pull off right when you’re walking out the door and running late! It only takes less than a minute to complete this style and you won’t have to worry when it turns out messy. That is actually what you want to achieve - a messy hair bun.

You can wear this style from anywhere you like whether at the middle or the side. Start by framing your face. Typically, you will pull your bangs out if you have them. You can also pull out a few strands. Do this on both sides.

The next step is to gather all your hair at the nape of your neck. Take your clear elastic band and wrap it around your strands. Do this twice and on the third time, pull the strands halfway to form a loop and leave it like that.

Start to pull the hair at the top of your head so that you can create more volume and a stylish mess!

  1. Double Dutch Braid Updo

The double Dutch braid updo is probably not your on-the-go hairstyle but it is definitely worth your time. It may take a few minutes, but you will surely love every bit of it when you are done.

Start off by creating two sections that are equal on both sides of the head. Run your fingers through the center of your forehead to the nape. Pull the strands to their respective sides. Tie one side down. On the other side, grab some strands that you will use to frame the face and leave them out. Create a Dutch braid from the front to the ends. Section a small portion at the front and divide it into three. You will cross these three strands right over the other as you add more strands. Keep on doing this until you get to the end. Hold the end of the braid and tweak them on different areas, fan it out then tie the end. Repeat the same on the other side.

Grab the braid on the right side, take it to the left and pull it up as if you are wrapping it on your head. Position the braid right where the left braid is. Flip the end inwards and pin it with bobby pins behind the left one. Do the same thing with the other one on the left.

  1. Textured Loose Curls

If you wish to grace the day with another gorgeous hairdo, this next style is worth a try. These textured loose curls will give your hair a little twist to your mundane styles. It boosts the volume of your hair and makes it even more flawlessly beautiful.

The first thing you do is add a few curls to your strands. Take your curling iron and curl medium portions of hair. The trick here is to coil a few sections towards your face and a few away from the face. This adds more dimension to the style. Do not curl the ends so that they will give an illusion of length.

When you are done, grab your dry textured spray and give your curls a few spritzes. Run your fingers through the waves as you spray to make it look more natural.

  1. Wearing Your Curls With a Hat

It isn’t all about the styling techniques. If you want to add a touch of glamour with your soft curls and waves, accessorizing your hair will make it work. Wearing a hat is one way to do so.

A lot of women consider hats as an essential accessory. Not only does it provide shade from the harsh sunlight, but also conceals all the imperfections on your hair. Whether you have a greasy hair or faded roots to hide, a hat can just cover them all up. You can always wear the hat of your choice and pair it up with your outfit. If you want something unconventional, why don’t you give cowboy hats a try?

  1. The Twist Low Ponytail

The last style on our list tweaks your usual low ponytail hairdo. It is a fun and simple trick that you can do when you want to give your ponytails a bit of revamping.

You can wear this style with a part anywhere on the front of your head. You can start by pulling out the strands which will frame and flatter your face. Pull them out on either side of the face.

Gather all your strands and pull them to the nape and run your fingers through them to eliminate the bumps. Once done, grab your elastic band and tie the strands. Create a loop just above the band and pass the ponytail through this loop. Flip the tail upwards and through the hole then pull it down. This creates a beautiful twist at the back. Tweak different sections of the twist to create more volume.

Here is the fun part: accessorizing the look. Take your favorite scarf and twist it. Hold it at the end, put it under the horsetail, and bring the ends to the top of your head. Tie the ends and hide the visible extra parts. You can also wear the scarf the way you prefer it with the ends tied below the ponytail.

These are some of the gorgeous looks that you can pull off during spring! While they are great for short and medium lengths, they are not limited to these only. These styles are inevitably versatile and anyone can give them a try!

Whether you need something new for a party, a prom or a wedding, these cute, elegant but yet casual hairstyles are the latest fashion. They are the perfect thing for the summer and will turn a girl who is just pretty into a real beauty. 

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