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Virgin and Remy Hair Extensions: What Is The Difference?

Extensions have become extremely popular recently, used by women all over the world. Many of them can´t even imagine their day without one. Choosing the right extensions and taking care of them are the most important steps in making sure you have a fabulous hairdo.

You probably already know there are many types of hair out there. You also probably know that real human extensions are of much higher quality than the fake ones. But do you know what is the difference between unprocessed Virgin and Remy hair? They are both absolutely natural, but there is a big difference and we will explain it in detail.

Unprocessed Virgin unit

This type of hair is 100% real human chemically unprocessed. It´s collected from a ponytail of one single donor with long, healthy, thick, full hair, that was never treated in any way, never touched (hence the name Virgin). So it has never been bleached, dyed, permed, colored etc.

This is the highest quality product that can currently be found on the market and therefore most expensive, but also most durable. So if you are able to spend more money, this would be the best choice, because it would be definitely worth the investment. 

After it has been collected, Virgin hair is usually processed, in order to offer a wide selection of colors, and this is where you should pay special attention.

Most companies use harsh ingredients and acid baths, damaging the hair and making it lose in quality. Choose products from companies which use eco-friendly ingredients and slow color baths to color it ensuring that the quality stays the same as during collection.

You can chemically process your Virgin hair, just like you would your own, and it will still maintain its smoothness and softness.

Remy unit

This is also 100% human hair but its donor has dyed, bleached or permed it, so it cannot be considered Virgin.

It´s collected from many donors and then mixed together, but with intact, unilateral cuticles, meaning that the follicles are all going in the same direction, from the root to the tip. This ensures that there will be no tangling or matting, a common occurrence in non-Remy hair.

Remy hair is of relatively high quality and at the same time affordable, making it the most popular type at the moment. It blends well with natural hair and can last up to a year if properly maintained.

Some companies may use harsh, old-fashioned, rushed manufacturing and ruin the cuticles during processing. This would then be masked by using silicone, to make it appear soft. After a few washes, when the silicone disappears, the hair will become matty and tangly.

For this reason, buy products only from those brands for which you know are using proper technique, to get the best value for your money.

So what is the difference?

The most important difference is that 100% Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed, while Remy is. This has a big effect on the level of the quality of the product itself.

With pure Virgin hair, you get the highest quality there is. It costs more, of course, but if you don´t mind spending more money, this is the best thing you can find.

With Remy units, you get lower, but still acceptable quality, for a much lower price. If your budget is a bit tight, but you don´t want to waste money on hair that won´t last you more than a few months, this is the perfect choice for you.

So it all goes down to how much you are willing to spend since you can´t go wrong with either of these two types of hair.

Have you tried any or both of these types? What is your experience? Let us know!