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Virgin Brazilian Body Wave or Loose Wave Hair? Which Is Better?

Women are always looking for different types of extensions to try out every other time. However, choosing between two hair types that almost seem the same can be difficult. Many women get caught up trying to decide whether to select a virgin Brazilian body wave or the loose wave hair. The problem arises when they cannot tell any difference apart from what their eyes can say to them.

Your hair can be your fashion statement. That is why many women take their time to choose the one that they want. If the look does not match what you had in mind, you can be very disappointed to a point where you do not want to step outside. If the look is perfect on you, you will want to go everywhere and at any time. Good hair will oomph up your self-confidence.

Therefore, which one do you pick between the virgin Brazilian body wave and the loose wave? Continue reading the article, and you will not be confused by the fact that they are both virgin Brazilian hair. You will make a more informed decision. While they may be very similar, there are differences that you should know. But before that, let us look at the virgin Brazilian unit as an umbrella term.

Virgin Brazilian Hair

You can get human hair from different parts of the world. South America is not left outside of the industry because our famous human unit comes from Brazil. There are so many rural areas in Brazil where manufacturers source their virgin Brazilian hair and turn them into extensions.

Virgin Brazilian products have not gone through any processing whatsoever. The donors have never used bleach on their hair. They have also never used chemicals, or anything else. The item is 100% pure.

All the cuticles protecting the strands are aligned facing the same direction. The ends are paired together, and the tips are together. There are no mix-ups whatsoever. The hair comes from a single donor. During collection, it is tied together in a ponytail or any other way. It is then cut, and this ensures that there is a unified flow of cuticles.

Features of the virgin Brazilian unit

This is a favorite for a lot of women all over the world. It has some of the most pleasing qualities you wish your hair had. Some of the characteristics include:

Thickness: this item is very thick and can easily give you a fuller hair without needing more bundles.

It has a natural shine and great luster: the shine on this item can give you a pass when you forget to apply your favorite oil. The shine makes it very attractive.

It is soft to the touch: the item is soft, and your fingers will flow excellently through it.

It comes in different textures and has a natural bounce: you can choose any texture you like, and the bounce makes it feel more real on you.

Blends will ever woman: Brazilian hair can be worn by all kinds of women from different ethnic groups.

Brazilian Body Wave

Brazilian body wave is one of the most famous Brazilian product types in the market. It is beautiful and has excellent waves that form a letter ‘S’ pattern. The pattern of the hair is very consistent and unified. It is also deep and runs throughout its length. For you to easily comprehend what I am saying, think of the waves as a type of loose curls.

The Brazilian body wave has a pleasant and relatable natural look. The uniformity of the curls is unique and very neat. This unit is perfect for the woman that wants a break from their naturally straight hair but do not want to go overboard with the curls. They want something subtle yet fun and sophisticated.

The unit adds a little flavor to your look, and it carries with it the glory of a gorgeous Brazilian hair. You will enjoy the smoothness, the exquisite texture, the thickness, and perfect luster. The body wave extension will go a very long way before you need to rejuvenate the curls. It lasts longer. However, after some time, the curls will wear off.

Brazilian body wave will look great on anyone. However, it has this magic that accentuates the beauty of a woman with a rectangular or oval face. The hair flatters these shapes in a unique way that words cannot match.

Choosing this item will be good, and you can never regret it. Taking care of it is not hectic and does not take a lot of time. You can enjoy looking good every day.

Brazilian Loose Wave

The Brazilian loose weave is also an excellent choice but does not compare in popularity to the body wave. The Brazilian loose wave is a hair shape that features loose waves as well. However, these waves are nothing close to the curls on the body wave. The loose waves do not form an ‘S’ pattern that is consistent and runs through the entire length of the hair. Another difference is that the curls are made from rollers that are larger.

The curls of the Brazilian loose wave hair are also very close together as compared to the Brazilian body wave. When the two are laid side by side, the Brazilian loose wave will seem shorter because of the curls in as much as they both may measure the same length when stretched.

Brazilian loose wave is perfect for the woman that loves some good and highly noticeable curls. These curls are excellent and gorgeous. Brazilian hair is very thick, but with the loose curls, its volume seems to be bigger.

The curls on the Brazilian loose wave tend to fade after some time. The curls do not hold for a longer time, and they become weak and eventually lose their original shape. You can use hair products to sustain the curls longer. However, the curls will lose their form eventually.

Which One Is Better?

The idea behind both types of Brazilian hair has curls. The difference comes in the way the curls appear and their properties. However, there are no significant differences that can cause one to say that one type is better than the other. They are all virgin Brazilian extensions in the end.

Your preference is what will help you to choose the product that you want. You may prefer the consistent shape and pattern of the Brazilian body wave or the closeness of the curls on the loose wave. You will never miss the fantastic advantages that Brazilian product offers by choosing one type of product over the other. They all bear the benefits.



Brazilian hair is very durable as compared to other products like the Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, and so on. Therefore, you can rest be assured that the product you pick will go the extra mile with you. When you take proper care of it, it can last longer than a year.

Gives a natural look

It is not so easy to find a good product that has all the desirable properties of a good and healthy hair. But with Brazilian units, you find everything you want in one place. It has an excellent and natural shine that is very attractive. The thickness is impressive and gives you more volume for fewer bundles.

Ease of maintenance and styling

There is nothing hectic about maintaining these two hair types. The waves can be sustained for longer using recommended products. Taking care of it is as simple as taking care of your natural hair. Other than that, you can also use your curling iron on it to enhance the curls. Styling the Brazilian hair will be the least of your problems because it is highly versatile.

It is tangle-free

Hair that tangles each time is a headache and a nuisance. Thankfully, Brazilian units are not ones that tangle easily. Their cuticles fall on the same direction making it difficult for cuticles to rub and stick to each other causing a tangle.

It is of superior quality

Other human extensions have inferior quality. For instance, Non-Remy human hair always tangles and sheds off. However, the virgin Brazilian has high quality and does not shed off. The extensions are excellently manufactured following accurate, professional, and industry standard methods. There is nothing that is not up to standard with this type of hair. 

The only discouraging thing about Brazilian units is their prices. They are a bit expensive, but they are worth every dime. So go out and get your pack of Brazilian bundles whether the Brazilian body wave or the loose wave. There is nothing to lose when you choose one over the other. They are all excellent choices that will accentuate your beauty and give you ‘good hair’ days every day.

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