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What Is Water Wave Hair And What Makes It So Special?

If you’re into Brazilian hair, you’ve probably heard of water waves.

Water wave hair got its name based on its traits; it is really silky, smooth and it flows like water. This is precisely why it has become so popular in the last few years. At the end, who would like to have such hair texture?

But there is much more to Brazilian water wave hair than just appearance. This product is of high quality especially if we’re talking about Brazilian virgin water wave. These items do not shed, tangle nor do they have any smell when you buy them.

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Why choose Brazilian it?

Here are all the important traits of this product:

  • Amazing quality

As already mentioned water wave is top notch among Brazilian virgin hair. It adds a lot of volume to your natural hair and amplifies your appearance.

  • Makes you look dashing

Water waves provide a lot of shine. They amazing wavy pattern and almost anyone can use them to accomplish great results. You can use it for a special occasion but it can also be great for casual days.

  • Easy to maintain and style

While every woman wants to look nice wearing a Brazilian hair product, it is also important that this product isn’t hard to style or maintain. The water wave is very versatile and can be used in different ways. You can dye it, perm it and do all sorts of other stuff. Like most other Brazilian items, it just needs a periodic wash to remain clean. You can also use oils on it so it remains in a better condition for a longer time.

  • Incredible longevity

When purchasing Brazilian hair, most women are not that preoccupied with longevity. Comfort, quality and some other aspects usually take priority. However, we cannot neglect the fact that water waves are extremely durable especially when made from virgin Brazilian hair. If you properly take care of it, your hair item can last for months and even a year without showing any signs of damage.

  • High level of realism

Of course, given that these items are made from natural virgin hair, they will look very realistic. If you buy an appropriate product that fits with your natural follicles and style, it will be really hard to notice the difference between your hair and Brazilian hairpiece.

Best tricks and tips for its maintainence

Water wave maintenance is very similar to that of natural hair. Just in case, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Always use wide tooth comb

Due to its wavy texture, regular combs are less than ideal for water waves. Instead, you should always rely on wide tooth combs. First, start by using your hands to datable it. Make sure to always start from roots downwards. When its detangled, you can use the comb. When you’re almost done, you can use a paddle brush for finishing touches.

  • The best way to wash it

Unless you want to look shabby and under the weather, it is very important to constantly wash your hair. But, you don’t have to overdo it; one wash per week should be more than enough. Unlike your regular hair, Brazilian water wave can be washed in the sink. Just put some shampoo on your hands (natural shampoo if possible) and start going through strings from roots to ends. Don’t yank the hair or twist it!

  • Drying on room temperature

One thing to note when it comes to Brazilian water wave is that you shouldn’t use a blow dryer for it. Instead, it is much better to leave it on room temperature to dry. If its summer, you should place it somewhere where there is sunlight. Heat tools and blow dryers can significantly reduce the life expectancy of the item.

  • Rely on natural oils

We cannot stress enough how important oils are for water wave hair. Keep in mind that these items are not connected to your scalp and thus, they don’t have access to natural oils. The only way to remedy this issue and retain the quality of the product is by constantly oiling it.

  • Wrap up your hair

One of the best tips we have to give you is to always wrap up your hair. Most women leave their Brazilian water wave when sleeping. This can affect the hair in various ways. So, the best way to circumvent the issue is by warping it up. That way, you will prevent any damage and increase its longevity.

Where should I buy my Brazilian water wave?

There are lots of online hair stores that sell this product. However, we always recommend our visitors to start from our own shop. We have a wide variety of Brazilian hair items, regardless of their style of texture.

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