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What Is Remy Hair?

If you wear extensions then you probably know that they are made out of either synthetic or human hair, right? Well, Remy hair is the best kind of natural hair for hair extensions!

Remy means that the hair was harvested from a scalp, and all of its strands are quite shiny, soft & healthy! Women who are on a lookout for extensions that can't tangle and that are knot-free will want Remy hair in their lives!

what is remy hair

Why You Should Use Remy Hair Extensions? Top 3 Reasons:

  1. Remy hair does not get tangled easily, and it does not look matte! Women who prefer shiny & luscious hair will love these extensions.
  2. Although being on a pricier side, these can last you anywhere from 1-2 years! They are an amazing investment and will suit anyone who dislikes cheap and synthetic hair!
  3. They are appropriate for any event! Remy hair can be a great go-to solution if you are off to your wedding, or if you are off to a tropical getaway! Either way, it is a win-win situation with Remy's hair!

What Is Non-Remy Hair?

Some manufacturers can't afford to collect real Remy hair, which is why they will mask their human extensions and coat them with some heavy fumes & silicones to give it a shinier appearance! Unfortunately, this shine will wash off and wear off after a few weeks, and will leave your extensions looking dull and damaged! If you are on a lookout for quality, rather stick to real Remy hair.

How To Take Care Of Remy Hair?

  • Remy hair should be washed, nourished & moisturized in order to look lovely and healthy. Use a gentle shampoo along with a conditioner to treat it properly. Wash your extensions once a week and keep them clean from any product residue or odor.
  • You can curl your hair or straighten it after each wash (it is per your preference), just make sure you use a heat protectant spray to prolong the lifespan of your extensions.
  • You can also color your hair, but avoid the use of heavy chemicals. If you are not skilled and you have no experience, ask your hairstylist to do this for you!