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What Is Virgin Hair?

If you are on a lookout for high-quality hair that hasn't been processed, you will appreciate virgin hair. This is hair that has been collected from one donor only, and it hasn't been altered with any dyes, perms or bleaching agents!

If you want only the best and you are into luscious (new) and freshly made wigs and weaves, virgin hair will suit you.

what is virgin hair

Why Use Virgin Hair? Top 3 Reasons

  1. Virgin hair comes in bundles that won't shed or tangle! Instead, the hair feels voluminous and luxurious while being incredibly easy to brush out and smooth out.
  2. Since the hair was previously collected from 1 donor, it will feel a lot more natural while looking consistent. All texture & color will be even and the same, while also being of high grade. With proper care, this hair will last you for one year!
  3. Premium quality comes at a price, which is why a lot of women spoil themselves with these extensions! They are perfect for anyone who is constantly switching up the color and playing with its texture. Now, you can do all of that on healthy and untouched strands!

How To Take Care Of Virgin Hair?

  • When washing your hair use gentle shampoos that are sulfate-free, or that have been diluted with water. After you clean your extensions make sure you condition them and remove any frizz.
  • When styling the hair use minimum heat and minimum hair products. These can build-up easily, while the heat can damage your strands of hair.
  • Brush your hair twice a day with a tangle-free brush. Once you are done wearing your extensions store them with a piece of satin fabric since this will prevent your hair from getting tangled.