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Achieving the Perfect Bohemian Half Bun in 1 Minute

Bohemian lifestyle or fashion is more about being relaxed, free, comfortable and effortless. Oftentimes, they try to relate the Boho (short for Bohemian) to an artistic styling that focuses on a uniquely simple mod. Bohemian hairstyle, on the other hand, is something that goes beyond the ordinary and modern fashion. 

Coconut Oil: 10 Amazing Health Benefits For You

It is quite common knowledge to many of us that coconut oil brings wonders to our health. The virgin oil extracted from matured coconuts is very popularly used not only in tropical countries but in many parts of the world as well. Thanks to its versatility and exceptional benefits, you can use coconut oil for almost anything and in almost everything! 

Hair Challenge: 100 Layers of Hair Extensions

Thanks to the innovative world of the internet, fun and thrilling challenges are continuously making their rounds to entertain us. Well, these trends and challenges are sure fun but we have to admit, they can be really weird at times! One of these oddly entertaining challenges that have been going around the internet is the “100 Layers of...” challenge. 

3 Smart Hairstyles to Rock with Short Hair

More and more women go for shorter hairstyles nowadays. It’s edgy, chic and most of all, very convenient! Having short hair is pretty low-maintenance in terms of the number of products you use and it only requires a small amount of time for hairstyling. However, one may easily think that having short hair limits one’s styling options.

3 Messy Buns That You Must Try Today

We used to think of messy hair buns as something we would subconsciously do with our hair when we’d like give it a quick and neat updo. But then for the past couple of years, the ‘messy bun’ trend has become immensely popular among women. 

3 Simple Homemade Coconut Oil Body Scrubs

Coconut is one of nature’s greatest gifts for our hair and skin. The fact that coconut is a common star ingredient for many personal care products proves that its benefits extend to a vast variety of our health concerns. 

Ponytail Extensions: Add More Volume to Your Ponytail Hair

Ponytails have always been every girl’s go-to hairstyle. It’s very versatile and it can be worn regardless of what hair texture or length you have. Donning a simple ponytail only takes a minute to complete and that is why everybody considers it as a ‘quick fix’ hairstyle.

Prom Hairstyles: 3 Easy Updos to Wear at Prom

It’s that time of the year again and all the teens in town are talking about prom! Prom nights are very special and memorable, especially for young women. Here, they get the chance to dress up at their best, spend hours to perfect their makeup and transform their hairstyles into something beautifully extravagant!

5 Simple Updos for Women with Short and Medium Hair

A lot of women gush over long hair lengths while the others just keep their style preferences between shorter and medium lengths. But if you’re getting a bit tired of your long hair and want to give shorter hairstyles a shot, there is a vast selection of simple and trendy styles that you can try.

4 Updos for Wedding Every Bride Must Remember

It is only natural for a bride to make sure everything goes perfectly on her wedding day. As a matter of fact, some even allow a hefty amount of budget to things like the gown, makeup, and hair! True enough, there’s no way that a bride would settle for an unflattering hairstyle for her big day.

Frizzy Hair: 5 Ways to Deal With and Manage It

When you have such flawless and beautifully trimmed hair, you can just flaunt it away like any of those shampoo advertisements you see. But hair problems are inevitable. Improper care and management manifest damages to the hair such as dryness and frizz.

5 Foods High in Biotin That Improve Hair Growth

Your meals cannot afford to lack leafy greens! While leafy, green vegetables are not always pleasing to our taste buds, there are still a ton of different ways to include it in our meals. Turn it into a smoothie, salad, or basically however you’d like to enjoy it and it will still do its wonders! You’re not only making your body healthy but your locks happy as well.