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Non-Remy Hair

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Non-Remy is human hair collected from multiple sources and is sold in its raw state as a finished product. This item has both roots and the tips mixed up so that all the hairs are not running in the same direction. Due to this reason, Non-Remy unit is chemically processed and undergoes the shaving off of cuticles and sometimes the ends of the hair. This ultimately reduces the friction between strands and as such allows you to have a tangle-free unit.

Due to the inadequate alignment of the cuticles, a non-Remy item is coated with silicon and gives it a soft, silky and shiny appearance that will boost your confidence and uphold your self-esteem as you rock this beautiful product. You are advised to adhere into proper maintenance with use of cleansing sprays as compared to frequent washes that lead into tangling, matting and washing the silicone away and therefore losing your silk, soft and tangle free Brazilian hair. If you are the clean type, it is advisable to use a mild non-sulfate shampoo. This will minimize the tangling and matting of your hair in a wide range.

You might be wondering and asking yourself questions on the practicability of looking gorgeous and the affordability of the same. Worry no more because non-Remy is very popular for its affordability as compared to all other human hair varieties.

Despite the fact that experts advise that this product should not be bleached, dyed or permed, it is produced in a variety of colors and natures which include of kinky and curly, straight, deep, wavy, loose and many other varieties. This is meant for your own preferences and the length into which you are able to venture to suit your style and preference. If you want to look gorgeous to the degree of a celebrity at an affordable price, look no further because non-Remy hair has you covered.